Mở rộng

Unit price of factory, industrial building design

Estimated value

Rate of design fee

200 billion

1.0 %

100 billion

1.15 %

50 billion

1.3 %

20 billion

1.88 %

10 billion

2.03 %

7 billion


<5 billion

2.0% (minimum cost of VND 40,000,000/document)


Design documents:

1. General layout, building blocks layout, layout of flow chart, auxiliary buildings.

2. Documents of perspective + Documents of architecture.

3. Documents of the structure of portal frames & reinforced concrete frameworks

4. Technical documents of M&E, fire fighting and prevention, water & waste treatment.

5. Underground water tank, water tower…

6. The structure of the foundation of internal paths, peripheral water drainage system.


Procedure of the acceptance of design documents:

1. Having meetings with investors, exchanging ideas so as to understanding investors’ requirements

2. Preliminary Cost Estimation and the Design Contract (1st advance 30% of the total fee)

3. Designing general layout according to flow chart + Documents of construction permit application (if any).

4. Designing general layout + general perspective + (2nd advance 30% of the expense)..

5. Implementing technical documents including: Structure, M&E, technology, roads and others technical works

6. Handing over drawing document + data CD + final payment and contract liquidation


Unexpected issues:

1. After the acceptance of the preliminary design: 20% of the design value

2. After the completion of general layout design + general perspective: 40% of the design value

3. After the contract has been 70% implemented: 70% of the design value


Regarding the industrial building design, there are 3 important criteria:

a. To arrange the general layout suitable to the current flow chart and expansion plan of investors or each investment stage of projects. Trying to ensure that all afterwards changes will not cause any “partial demolition”.

b. To deeply understand materials and to select suitable materials to characteristics of each production factory: production factories of medicine, food and production factories of paint, mechanics.

c. To always trying many methods of calculation, but finally will select the best solution  in the terms of cost saving and being suitable to usage demand.