Mở rộng

Unit price of Residential House, Townhouse and Villa Design

Type of building

Unit price

Minimum contract value


120,000 VND/m2

12,000,000 VND/document


180,000 VND/m2

20,000,000 VND/document

Hotel, motel

180,000 VND/m2

20,000,000 VND/document

Office building

200,000 VND/m2

40,000,000 VND/document

Detailed estimate

12,000 VND/m2

3,000,000 VND/document


Design Documents:

  1. Front perspective drawing (02 sets of printed color )
  2. Documents of basic architecture and details of all perspectives (03 sets , A3 size)
  3. Documents of Detailed technical structure, detailed building (03 sets, A3 size)
  4. Documents of Structure  – Execution of load-bearing frame structure (03 sets, A3 size)
  5. Documents of M&E including electricity, telephone lines, lightening prevention, water supply & drainage (03 sets, A3 size)
  6. Desinger’s supervision: Answering for questions, correcting document mistakes during the construction.
  7. 01 CD of the entire drawing documents


Procedure of the acceptance of design documents:

Having meetings with investors, exchanging ideas so as to understanding investors’ requirements.

  1. Quoting price of design + attached design contract (1st advance 30% of the total fee).
  2. Preliminary design + descriptions, exchanging ideas with investors + Documents of construction permits application (if any).
  3. Perspective design + (2nd advance 30% of the total fee).
  4. Developing technical documents including: Structure, M&E and other technical works
  5. Handing over drawing documents + data CD + final payment and contract liquidation


Unexpected issues:

  1. After the acceptance of the preliminary design: 20% of the design value
  2. After the completion of the front perspective: 40% of the design value
  3. After the contract has been 70% implemented: 70% of the design value